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Literature, philosophy, myth

format 125x195, liczba stron 194, oprawa twarda, ISBN 978-83-61245-14-8, Warszawa 2008

The author of this collection of essays looks for answers for the big questions of philosophy in the writings of modern authors and poets. The merging of literature and philosophy gives away secrets that have so far been hidden from literature researchers. Thomas Mann is seen from the point of view of Antique gnosis; the prose of Jerzy Kosiński becomes an extreme example of Martin Heideggers philosophy; Schulz is seen not only in a grotesque way, but also through the prism of mass culture; Leśmian reveals the mysteries of the underworld, and describes the twofold (both living and dead) nature of humans; Olga Tokarczuk analyses the deepest nature of dead items and their relationship with living matter, and Gombrowicz takes a look on totalitarian form through a wedding procession.


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