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Ilustracje: Krystyna Lipka-Sztarbałło


format 300x220, liczba stron 30, oprawa twarda, ISBN 978-83-61245-09-4, Warszawa 2008

Each literary work has the main protagonist. This may be someone or something. In this book, it is completely different, the main role has been granted to NOTHING. Why? In order to make the reader aware that there are things which are always omitted, ignored and pushed to the sidelines, but which nonetheless, exist and deserve our attention. This story will help children to recognize those things. A bit of imagination is enough to discern things which are invisible and to give them a bit of importance, even though for some, deprived of imagination people, they will still be NOTHING.
This originally illustrated book, full of funny situations, surprising associations, hidden meanings and word games is a great story for the small and the big. It is an extraordinary journey around the world, without any baggage and without a ticket.

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