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Pictures and Poetry… Paintings – poems - comments

format 162x235, liczba stron 256, oprawa miękka, ISBN 978-83-89315-92-2, Warszawa 2008

This unconventional anthology brings together a poetry book and a painting album, thus creating a new version of history of painting. Here, the Polish poems are dedicated to various paintings, and so become the reason for the painting to appear in the album. The paintings in this book constitute an important part of European art classics. They mostly belong to the Baroque and Renessaince Era, but paintings from the second part of 19th and the first part of 20th century are presented as well. Among the poets we find the most gifted and famous ones, but also art historians, an oppositional bard and the Pope. All compositions have been completed by the author’s comments. It is a book for those, who through Polish poems, want to look for guidance how to seek beauty, truth and wisdom in paintings.


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