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The media game. Between information and deformation

format A5, liczba stron 148, oprawa miękka foliowana, ISBN 978-838915-89-2, Warszawa 2007

Modern media are like two-way mirrors. On the one side there is the mirror, but on the other there is only normal glass, allowing to see the people engrossed in their mirror reflections, while staying invisible. This is the way media, usually seen as mirrors of reality, look at their recipients. The media know their audience well enough to convince it to do or buy something. The recipients, however, know little about what is happening on the other side of the mirror. Should they know more, for their own good? Answering this question is as easy as asking, whether it is advisible to join a gambling game without knowing its rules.


Elektroniczny serwis Wydawnictwa STENTOR wysyłany jest do wszystkich zainteresowanych użytkowników naszej strony internetowej. Zawiera on informacje o nowościach, zapowiedziach wydawniczych oraz aktualnych akcjach promocyjnych.

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