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The Warsaw Autumns. Polish Music 1945-2007

format B5, liczba stron 160, oprawa miękka foliowana, ISBN 978-83-89315-81-6, Warszawa 2007

This publication is a short overview of popular music since the end of the war until today. The author presents important aspects of Polish modern music, and concentrates on the festival Warsaw Autumn that has been taking place for half a century. She describes all traditions, groups and schools, presents the artists and explains their artistic point of view as well as their backgrounds. Many times, she goes back to the first half of the last century to show traditions and sources of the new phenomena. Short information about the artists are a big enrichment to the publication. A free CD is enclosed, giving the reader a chance to hear, among others, a composition recorded in the experimental PR studio in Warsaw that can be seen as an example of electroacustic music, and a piece by Wojciech Kilar from the time when he was interested in sonorism.


Elektroniczny serwis Wydawnictwa STENTOR wysyłany jest do wszystkich zainteresowanych użytkowników naszej strony internetowej. Zawiera on informacje o nowościach, zapowiedziach wydawniczych oraz aktualnych akcjach promocyjnych.

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